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Staff and Student Voice

Staff Voice

Aletheia’s Staff Voice has proved invaluable in joint planning to exceed staff expectations and improve the quality of education in its schools.

Staff voice empowers employees, inspires innovation and improves the work environment for every individual. Building an enthusiastic, engaged workforce enables the Trust to encourage strong relationships throughout our family of academies.

Staff Voice Logo for Aletheia Academies Trust

In order to get the most out of our Staff Voice group, we have identiļ¬ed three key subgroups:


To create a Trust Wellbeing Action Plan to ensure a uniform approach to staff wellbeing across the Trust.


To ensure that all Trust academies are kept up to date with Trust activities and opportunities.


To recognise and utilise the knowledge, strengths and resources across the Trust.

The representatives are the following: 

Name School Role Committee
Chair: H Robson Stone Teaching Assistant Communications
Vice Chair: J Horton Stone HLTA Collaboration
S Carey Aletheia Trust CEO N/A
L Bechelli Aletheia Trust PA to CEO Communications
A Kemp Aletheia Trust Marketing and Communications Officer Communications Lead
N Bianchet Saint George's Primary Office Manager Collaboration
L Cutler Saint George's Secondary Community Champion Wellbeing
S Evans Saint George's Secondary Teacher  Collaboration
C Taylor Saint George's Secondary Teacher Wellbeing
T Willcocks Saint George's Secondary Catering Manager Collaboration
J Steggles Shorne Teaching Assistant Communications
L Pollard St. Botolph's Teacher Collaboration
M Uraih St. Botolph's Teacher Communications
E Champion Sutton-at-Hone EYFS Teacher Wellbeing
D Musa Sutton-at-Hone Teaching Assistant Communications
K Taylor Sutton-at-Hone Admin / Health and Safety Collaboration
G Pollard Horton Kirby Headteacher Communications
G Penfold Horton Kirby HLTA Wellbeing
D Dolphin Rosherville HLTA Wellbeing
S Burrha Rosherville Teacher / Maths Lead Communications
G Wood Holy Trinity Teacher Collaboration 
M Kaur Holy Trinity Teacher Collaboration
M Cholwill Cliffe Woods Teacher Wellbeing
J Tinkler Cliffe Woods Pastoral lead/SEND Team Wellbeing Lead
J Yaxley Cliffe Woods Teacher Collaboration
R Cunningham Halling HLTA Collaboration
C Martin Halling Assistant Headteacher / Maths Lead Wellbeing
J Stone Halling Teacher Collaboration
S Rawlins Sedley's Teaching Assistant Wellbeing

Student Voice

At Aletheia Academies Trust, we understand the importance of involving all pupils in shaping the direction of our academies, and firmly believe that pupils can be an instrument to effect positive change in our communities. Bi-monthly, pupils from student councils, representing each school, meet to discuss initiatives, plan what they would like the Trust Student Voice to achieve and ensure the group is feeding into the Trust to have an impact on our overall development.

Student Voice achievements include creating anti-bullying policies, organising projects and raising money for an abundance of charities, giving feedback on developments, and increasing awareness of key issues for young people.


Group of Children at School Council Meeting

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