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Join Aletheia Academies Trust

We pride ourselves on our strong values and our demonstrated track record of sustained success across our academies. With our experienced, passionate team, academies receive practical support to raise standards, improve outcomes and maintain the highest levels of performance at their establishment.

If you are considering joining Aletheia, or are interested to find out more information, please contact us via:

Benefits of Aletheia Academies Trust

A partnership with Aletheia Academies Trust provides the structure, expertise and capability to deliver educational excellence. The Trust provides a foundation of professional collaboration, effective governance and leadership support, whilst continuing to highlight each academy's individuality.

Belonging to a MAT offers greater capacity to maintain high standards and continually improve, whilst enabling schools to retain their identity and tailor their offer to their local community. Aletheia aims to be greater than the sum of its constituent academies, providing;

  • The financial stability of a solvent, well-run Trust;
  • Expertise and support on all matters from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Team;
  • A dedicated team to support School Improvement;
  • A centrally managed estates provision, to include facilities compliance, development of estates and facilitation of new builds, where applicable;
  • Leadership development opportunities;
  • Access to an extensive programme of continuous professional development for staff and Governors;
  • Improved recruitment and retention, with increased career opportunities for existing and new staff;
  • Collective procurement through Trust-wide arrangements.

Academy Expectations

Although each academy retains its individual identity and history, the desire for excellence and high achievement for all learners, regardless of their background or ability, is the common underpinning feature of all our academies.

We work together, using our very best teachers and leaders to improve the outcomes and opportunities for every child, sharing the best practice and expertise of staff to raise participation and narrow gaps in achievement.

As a Trust, we also have certain standards and expectations which relate to working practices within the many areas of our operations. These standards and expectations manifest themselves as formal policies, procedures, guiding principles and quality assurance processes that are applied to every academy within the Trust. These are not only important in helping to ensure that we are maintaining quality and consistency across our academies, but they also help to prevent duplication and reduce workload. 

How to Apply

There are two ways in which a school can join Aletheia Academies Trust: full membership or associate membership.

  1. Full membership is subject to the due diligence process and top slice deductions as outlined in the Trust Prospectus.

  2. Associate membership has been introduced in response to the Department for Education’s publication ‘Building strong academy trusts’ (April 2021) and offers interested parties the option to trial membership of Aletheia for a fixed-term period.

The costs associated with joining as an Associate Member will be negotiated with the applicant, following the conclusion of Aletheia's due diligence process.

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